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Where Education & Excitement Meet


…Let STEM motivate them!

The Steve Stroud Science of Speed Institute, a division of the Arizona Open Wheel Racing Museum, serves as a resource for the education community to connect the principles of STEM education to real world applications by utilizing the sport of auto racing.

Students are introduced to actual applications of STEM principles through the multitude of race cars, displays, and videos on hand in an excitement-filled setting.

Educators are invited to bring their classes to the Institute and teach their regular curriculum in a setting where students are energized and motivated by the glamour and excitement of auto racing, which is sure to have a greater impact.

Knowing that kids thrive when offered hope, a vision for the future, and a roadmap to a successful life, we can all work together to help them stay in school through graduation, pursue viable, interesting careers, and live lives of purpose.



Spend Part of Your Day At a Place That is Fast and Loud

Sessions can also be customized to fit particular curriculums and lessons. Subject matter experts are available as guest speakers on request.

Host your special events, such as program graduation or milestone achievements ceremonies, with any complement of catering, etc.

Host your competitions or larger events in our back parking lot.


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