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Fantastic museum. Learn the history of dirt track racing in Arizona and Manzanita Speedway in particular. Hundreds of photos and lots of dirt oval cars. Highly recommended to any race fan.
Kevin Peterson
We were able attend the Manzanita Reunion at the museum and cannot wait to go back and absorb some of the wonderful racing history that is on display. A must see for those who enjoy racing in Arizona.
Lynda A.
The Arizona open Wheel Museum is filled with history of so many famous race car drivers and the history of the sport. It includes open wheel cars that are restored to keep the memory of the sport alive. It not only includes cars, but photos, driving suits, and driving gear from years ago. If you haven’t visited the museum your missing out on one of the best kept secrets in Phoenix, AZ., and you need to get it n your bucket list. You will be entertained for hours browsing as you stroll from room to room. A must see.
Renee Hendrick
This is a great place to visit especially for those who went to Manzanita and the dirt tracks in the Phoenix area. There are several dirt track cars and a room dedicated to Indy type cars. Also, the place is loaded with racing memorabilia.
Dave Buckley
A very thorough history of racing in Arizona. Many different examples of the cars that were born here or that passed through with notable drivers at the wheel. The people there were very knowledgeable and answered the questions we had.
James Chandler