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About Steve Stroud and the Museum

Steve Stroud – July 1, 1949 – February 21, 2016

10325737_757137041090464_1316947515208522136_nSteve Stroud, originally from Southern California, is a well-known, key figure in multiple Phoenix businesses. In the late 70s, he was drawn to Arizona to watch Ron Shuman and Lealand McSpadden at Manzanita Speedway — he became an avid racing enthusiast and has maintained constant contact with the Valley’s racing scene. As a prominent business owner of Lubrication Equipment & Supply and several Parker Store locations, Steve transformed from savvy spectator to proud team and event sponsor. He continued to build his business presence by launching The Hose Advantage Stores and The Racers Advantage Store. The Arizona Open Wheel Racing Museum encompasses his love of motorsports, appreciation of the history of racing in the Southwest, and the desire to celebrate and share the wealth of motorsports knowledge with future generations.

A spark was lit during the years Steve followed open wheel racing drivers, teams, and races. His enthusiasm was difficult to contain and he began to display photos of race events and drivers in one of his Parker Store locations. Customers waiting for service work to be completed took note and showed tremendous interest in the photos and stories. The spark was fanned into flames when Steve later met with a couple of notable racing figures — Windy McDonald (Manzanita) and Dennis Wood (PIR). Their conversations about the history of racing, the drivers and teams that came through Arizona, and the racing circuit itself inspired Steve. He realized he had a responsibility and passion to preserve those memories of racing and to promote continued interest in motorsports for generations to come. It was time to do more than display a series of photos in the Parker Store.

The Arizona Open Wheel Racing Museum was established to preserve the rich history of open wheel racing throughout the Southwest. The Stroud Family Trust owns several of the cars on display and Steve negotiated loans from collections throughout the country establishing regular inter-collection exhibits and has pieces in the process of restoration to exhibit in the future.

I wandered out to Manzanita Speedway and, oh, I had a great time! Enjoyed kinda watching Shuman and Lealand McSpadden and some of the racing that was going on and very much enjoyed it! We went back a number of times and that’s how my interest got started with racing.
Steve Stroud
There is such a wonderful history lesson as we look back upon racing as it pertains to the Southwest. Kind of a lesson in so many things in terms of the American automobile and how it affects the economy, technology, and just how the entertainment business has changed. There’s a wonderful story to be told. It’s one that we want to share.
Steve Stroud