Mike Fritzinger’s ‘Hank Henry Super Modified’ packs a blown and injected small-block Chevy on an 85-inch wheel base. This car was in a “Run What You Brung” class that ran in the Southwest, 19591965. “The near lack of rules gave rise to options such as supercharging,” Mickey says.

The car was originally driven by Hank Arnold, Tri-City and Arizona champion driver in 1961. “He had an amazing knack for fabrication and mechanics that matched his driving skills. He built several famous race cars that raced throughout the Southwest, which all held unique names that reflected their individuality.”

While this ‘Payola,’ was Hank’s most successful racing machine, another one of his well-loved creations is the “Twister.” Both of these cars were featured in magazine articles and event programs nationwide. “He was so well loved and respected in the racing community that memorial races are still held in his tribute throughout the region,” Mickey says.

The car was later purchased and piloted by another two-time championship driver, Frank McDaniel, and lastly by master mechanic Ray Weinzapfel after which it was mostly destroyed before the remnants were later captured for restoration by Fritzinger, a long-time friend to the previous three owners.